Sa Sa suffered from a chronic skin condition caused by Demodex canis and need taking medication constantly. When we stop the medication, the problem comes back again. However, we are worried that it will cause damage to Sa Sas health if she keeps on taking the medicine.

Luckily, I was introduced to a newly imported pet food, Burns, by one of my friends. I was told that Burns can improve skin problems of pets. Therefore, I decided to give a try and yet without too much expectation. Surprisingly, Sa Sas skin conditions improve a lot after few months. Most importantly, she doesnt need to take medication thereafter. Looking at a happy and healthy dog, we decided that Burns be the diet for our lovely Sa Sa.

Comment from satisfied Burns users in the UK
Harvey had problems from an early age and all the vets wanted to do was to give anti-inflammatory drugs, tests for allergies or give antibiotics.

About two years ago we thought we were going to lose Harvey, this is why we had taken so many photos. But now, at the age of nearly ten years old it's like having a puppy again, this being due to feeding a correct diet with Burns."

Please press here for the case of Harvey.

The story of Elvis in the Spain
Elvis belongs to friends of mine; he is an American pit bull cross of just four years old. His owners had to go back to Germany last year for one year and so a friend looked after Elvis whilst they were away.

During this time he escaped, perhaps in seek of his owners who knows? They thought he had gone forever but was found wondering the streets of Cartama a year later! He looked terrible and seemed to have been in a number of fights, but adapted quickly to his home life again. When they took him to the vets to be checked it was soon discovered that he had contracted Leishmaniasis.

This is a remarkable success story of a dog that has Leishmaniasis, because after a relatively short space of time on BURNS he looks so well! As I arrived to see him he was playing in the garden with the other dogs - something I had not seen him do since contracting this awful disease.

Elvis age 4 years. Picture
taken 29th of May 2003.
Just 47 days after switching to Burns. Another picture taken on the 9th of August 03 (81 days of being on Burns)


Some testimonials reference in UK

Some testimonials reference in USA

After being fed with BURNS for months, the faeces of my cats become less smelly and the volume of which reduces as well.

Ms Leung

My doggy used to have bad hair and sometimes suffered from hair losses. After feeding BURNS for 3 months, his skin conditions improve and the growth of hair becomes normal and the hair actually is quite soft!

Miss Lui

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